Elva and Sybil - new update 09.23.2015
Elva came home earlier than I thought, surprising me because I didn’t know she brought her friend, Sybil with her. When I saw them both barefoot sitting at the table, smoking fine cigarettes, drinking noble wine, and chit-chatting, I thought they didn’t include me in their plan. I was a little jealous and I tried to interfere, getting into the room as often as I could. I found an excuse and I sat on the sofa in front of them, watching their gorgeous feet playing under the table. I was so horny seeing those dirty soles playing and teasing in front of me, imagining that I... Read More
High heels shoes on a beautiful girl’s feet are very appealing and sexy. Martina is a cute brunette with a perfect body and long slender legs who knows exactly how to behave in order to make me crazy for her.She is swaying her black and golden spikes shoes and I am almost hypnotised. I can’t wait to put those stiletto heels into my mouth, sniffing the sweet odor of Martina’s wrinkled soles. Now she is teasing me playing alone, rubbing her feet on each other, caressing a white table’s wood leg so that I am getting even more excited. I am expecting for her to order me:... Read More
I came home from work and I tried to be quiet, not to disturb Noelle because I thought she was sleeping.
I entered into the apartment and I took off my shoes. I noticed the bedroom’s door open and I get close to it.
Noelle was sitting across the large bed, facing the window, not seeing me: her long blonde hair was perfectly combed-out, straight and silky on her shoulders. Her ass was perfectly shaped on the tight jeans she was wearing.
I was so quiet in order not to disturb the perfect scene, as she was playing with her bare feet, rubbing each other, touching her...
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Some time ago, I was visiting a dear friend at the hospital in order to make him feel better. I took the elevator to the fifth floor where he told me that his ward was. He was hospitalized because he had broken his left leg in a motorbike accident. Walking on the hall, I suddenly saw a wonderful lady dressed in a white overall:
- Sorry to bother you, here is ward six? I’m looking for my friend here.
She looked at me as if she didn’t understand me, but she pointed a door in front of us and she said:
- Yes, there it is! and she moved on, looking into a large...
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-Hello, I’m Diane, as you probably know. I wear my black leggings and the high heels shoes for men like you. I’m sure you came here for my feet, isn’t it? You’re not the only one who’s longing to touch my feet. You are allowed to watch first. If you are good enough, I am going to let you sniff my shoes and then you can touch my toes with your lips. Your anxious tongue can slide gently over my soles. If I feel good I might let you suck my long toes…I’m sure it would feel so good and hot. I’m your mistress and you must obey my rules. If I tell you... Read More