Danika - new update 07.25.2016

Danika is a Swedish blonde girl, with Germanic features. She is tall, athletic and what I love most, her feet are amazing: large soles and cute playful toes. Today she is wearing a blue shirt and a pair of stretched blue jeans that are emphasizing her beautiful legs. She doesn’t seem to notice that I am following her moves very engaged and charmed. She is watching TV and suddenly observes my eyes all over her feet. She starts smiling, gets up on the table in order for me to get a better view and she teases me by playing very appealing, right in front of my face....
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So beautiful, Krista is exposing her dirty sexy soles rubbing them gently in front of the camera. Sitting there, barefoot she is expecting someone to kiss her wrinkled soles, knowing that she is teasing everyone who is watching her, looking appealing and full of desire for someone to come and clean her feet. Standing up, she is tiptoeing, ready to satisfy any foot lover’s taste for gorgeous toes!

After watching this clip, any guy non-foot fetish or not - you will lust for Serena's sexy soles! The way she slowly rubs her toes and wrinkles her sexy soles is the definition of sexy! Make no doubt all sole fans need this clip - it's a must!
Kera is like a sweet blonde dolly, ready to satisfy your wishes. Her body is so appealing, with her big firm tits almost coming out of her black sexy blouse. My attention is especially attracted to her feet because she is resting on a chair, barefoot, with both her legs high on the table. I love her small feet and her little cute toes, and I am getting horny because she is teasing me touching herself, playing with her toes along her feet. She changes her position, sitting up on the table in order for me to kiss her sweet soles. I love to suck every one of her little toes and she is glad to... Read More
Becky is a gorgeous brunette that I have always wanted to have as my mistress. She is tall and she has an athletic constitution, always acting as she were a kind of princess who deserves everything. That’s why she is sitting so relaxed in my living room, with both her feet on the table, checking her messages on her phone. I love to watch how she is playing with her toes, swaying her bare feet, also knowing that she is aware that she is so appealing to me. She doesn’t seem to notice that I am more and more excited and therefore I ask her if she needs a foot massage. Obviously she is... Read More